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The Game Advocate serves to showcase and discuss examples of excellent gameplay and game design through thoughtful, specific, and positive discussion. Games are worth celebrating as a critical culture and art; a seminal thread in the tapestry of human experience.

We realize that making games is an enormously difficult task and salute all that take the effort to create, from the one-person indies to AAA studios. TGA focuses on the positive "nuggets" in every game we play; though we are not blind to critical analysis, it is never our focus. TGA will never post an article about how and why a game is bad.

What we will tell you is how games as a medium are doing awesome. Why they're unlike anything else. We're here to celebrate, encourage, and enjoy the growth of games. Not complain about their flaws.

All games do something good, and we want to shine a spotlight on that.

The Game Advocate cultivates a community of game makers, players, and appreciators alike that support this vastly complex and rich medium.

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